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Maintenance – April, 10thst 2014, starting at 0800 CEST

Attention Mercs,

We will have a short maintenance tomorrow morning on April, 10thst 2014, starting at 0800 CEST until approximately 0930 CEST to deploy several bug fixes.

Amongst them are

· Settings will be saved upon hitting the apply button. Also: the apply button is available again.

· New dialogs that pop up while you are chatting won’t accidentally lock the chat window.

· Full screen shortcut key under Firefox works. You can now use the shortcut key in Firefox and enjoy Merc Elite in full screen again.

· You can now use mouse scrolling for smart inventories now again.

Fixed weapon details being cut off


· Fixed various text elements running out of space.

Your Merc Elite Team


Sweepstake on Facebook today until Friday!

Attention Mercs,

As thanks for over 5000 Fans on Facebook, we will launch our first Sweepstake on Facebook. Just head over there, enter your UserID in the appropriate field and maybe you win one month of Premium just like that! And don’t forget to share the Sweepstake.

Your Merc Elite team.


Poll on Spawn Point Mode

Attention Mercs,

We want to know from you which spawn point mode you prefer, you can vote here:

The poll is open for 9 days.

The Assault class will also get the unique Beta Skin. The skin will be awarded to all Beta participants once the beta is over.

Your Merc Elite Team


Maintenance – March, 13th 2014, starting at 0800 CET (UTC+1)

Attention Mercs,

We will have a maintenance tomorrow morning on March, 13th 2014, starting at 0800 CET (UTC+1) where we will fix the issues with the missing rewards for the missions.

Your Merc Elite Team


Beta Skin Poll

Attention Mercs,

We plan to add a special 'Beta Skin' for one class at the end of the Beta and you can decide which class should get the extra Skin. There's a poll open for the next 7 days and you can vote here:

Your Merc Elite Team


Release 014 - The Outback Release

Attention Mercs,
We have just deployed Release 014 - The Outback Release. And the most important thing to mention here are - of course - the new map OUTBACK! But that is not all! We have deployed a whole bag of goodies with this release! So let's get into more detail:

New Map: Outback
From the inner city through the arctic cold, we now arrive in the desert. It is up to you and your team to win the battle on our new map OUTBACK. The new map is designed to have fast flowing action, with a lot of tight spaces, little nooks and crannies for ambushes but still enough ground to cover to allow for chases! What is different from the other maps, is the decrease of respawn points. There are only your starting positions that will let you respawn!

New Cover Handling for Bots
We improved the way that the bots behave during the search for and the use of cover depending on the difficulty level you have chosen to play. We have also set them up to better work with everything that has yet to come.

New Shop
You need the shop to hire new Mercs, stock up on consumables and a lot more. To do this properly we cleaned up and rearranged the shop to make it easier to use and nicer to look at. That way you will always be informed about new sales and have better access to everything that you might need.

Fixes & Improvements
- Rebalanced the difficulty of the bots in the entry matches to give new players a better experience
- 30+ Translation errors fixed / translations improved.
- 20+ visual effects fixed / improved
- Several problems with missions fixed

- And something else is there as well … but it is still inactive, waiting, to be released …

That’s it for now,
Your Merc Elite team.


R013.1 – Player stat issues

Attention Mercs,

We have deployed Release 013.1 successfully, but while doing so the player stats took a hit and there are issues with some of the tracking, for example with the Badges. We are looking into this issue and will see what we can do for it.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Merc Elite team.


Maintenance – February, 18th 2014, starting at 0800 CET (UTC+1)

Attention Mercs,

We will have a maintenance tomorrow morning on February, 18th 2014starting at 0800 CET (UTC+1) to deploy R013.1, which will contain several bugfixes.

Your Merc Elite Team


Forum Maintenance

Attention Mercs,

We plan to have a short forum maintenance starting tomorrow February the 11th at 10 am CET. If all goes well the forum will be down for approximately 20 min.

Your Merc Elite Team


Feedback needed - What's the prettiest map ?

Attention Mercs,

We want to know from you, which map you like best from a purely visual point of view. That means not which map is the best balance-wise or anything, just the prettiest map?
You can find the poll in the feedback section of the forum here:

> Link <

Your Merc Elite team.


Patchnotes - Release 013

Attention Mercs,

We have just deployed Release 013 - The Balance Release. And the most important thing to mention here is - of course - the adjustment of the Tier system! But that is not all! We have deployed a whole bag of goodies with this release! So let's get into more detail:

1) Tier System Adjustment

We realized that the power difference between the Tiers can lead to very unfortunate 1v1 situations during a match: While the overall matches are reasonably balanced and even seemingly weaker teams win more often than not by playing as a team, the individual player can have a very bad experience when opposing a stronger Merc in a 1v1 situation. The adjustment of the Tier system will decrease the impact that higher Tiers have, while still making a higher Tier desirable. This change will keep team fights more engaging and lasting longer, while simultaneously still giving a higher Tier Merc the advantage in a straight-up brawl.

What does this mean exactly?

When you are entering the match, your base stats (HP, Speed, etc.) will be adjusted to match the base stats of the Merc with the highest Tier. That means that if you enter the match with a Tier 3 Merc and the Merc with the highest Tier in this match is a T5, your base stats will be adjusted to match the stats of the T5 Merc. The next adjustment happens to the proficiency! The proficiency will be adjusted in relation to the highest Tier in the match as well. That means that if you are a T5 you will still deal superior damage to a lower Tier Merc which will give you an advantage in a purely 1v1 situation. But the adjustment should bring the Tiers closer together and will especially make team fights more balanced.

2) Missions Interface

We gave the missions their own tab! Right under the battle and game type buttons you will now find the Missions tab. Here you will find your Daily Missions and your Introductory Missions. That way you will have a better overview about which missions are currently active, what you have to do to successfully complete them and what your rewards will be!

3) Introductory Missions

In combination with the new missions interface, we also added Introductory Missions for new players. To not just drop the players into their first games after completing the tutorial, we have added introductory missions. An example introductory mission is that you have to play a battle with 3 Mercs in the team selection which you can either play live or in a custom game. This will grant a small XP bonus to all units. That way new players will have a better overview of the features of Merc Elite and should also perform better in the first matches they play.

4) News Screen

To better be able to communicate news, events and everything else, Merc Elite now has a snappy new News screen that will welcome you as soon as you log into the game! You can also open the news screen every time by clicking on the News button on the right hand side.

5) UI & Effects Performance Improvements

In our ongoing efforts to make the game perform even better, we have improved the responsiveness of the UI and started also improving the graphical effects. We will continue in doing so to make it possible to play Merc Elite on Low-Spec machines as well!

6) Squad size change

We evaluated the current squad size in relation to the amount of players online and what a well-organized Squad can do to a group of five randoms. And for now we will reduce the maximum Squad size to 3 players! This might seem a bit harsh but should lead to more balanced matches were one team won't just snowball through the opposition.

7) Improvements

Snap turning: The Mercs won't turn slowly around if you click for example behind them, but now will more or less immediately switch to the new direction.

Audio: Footstep sounds match materials now.

8) Balance Changes


EMP Grenade
- Decreased stun duration from 1.5 to 1 second
- Decreased second damage from 95 to 80

High Power Microwave Grenade (HPMG) Upgrade changed
- Removed increased area
- Now increases the stun duration by 0.5 seconds

9) Fixes

Text: lots of text added or corrected

Visual: Animations and effects improved and fixed.

Audio: Stuttering sound fixed

Missions: Fixed that missions were completed independently from actually achieving the mission goal in the match(es).

Matchmaking: improved sorting by ping. Players that are drafted for a match are also drafted based on their ping which should lead to a better match.

Your Merc Elite Team


Release 013 incoming! Maintenance tomorrow at 0800 CET (UTC+1)!

Attention Mercs,

Tomorrow we will deploy Release 013! And to do this, we will have to put Merc Elite into maintenance at 0800 CET (UTC+1) tomorrow, Tuesday 4th . More info soon.

Your Merc Elite Team


Emergency Maintenance 3rd, 1300 – 1500 (CET (UTC+1))

Attention Mercs,

Unfortunately we have to go into maintenance right now to take care of some critical issues. Check back here to see when we will be back!

Your Merc Elite team.


Issues buying Upgrades (fixed)

Attention Mercs,

We are aware that there were issues from this morning to about now with buying upgrades. We have found the issues for this bug and have fixed it. We will prepare a script to rebook the Credits that were lost due to this issue.


Your Merc Elite team.


Maintenance – January, 21st 2014, starting at 0200 CET (UTC+1)

Attention Mercs,

We will have a maintenance tomorrow night/morning Tuesday 21st starting at 0200 CET (UTC+1) for up to 30 minutes.

Your Merc Elite Team


Patchnotes - Release 012.1

Attention Mercs,

Release 012.1 is out and it brought the following changes:

1) Quick Trigger (Smart cast)

By popular demand, you now have the option to activate the Quick Trigger (also known as "Smart cast") in the Settings. Quick Trigger means that you will automatically cast the skill that you activate at the position of your mouse cursor.

2) Weapon Switch

When you reach Tier 5 you can now purchase a new weapon and switch it with your regular weapon in the Merc screen! This is not just a visual update - your weapon skill switches with the weapons! Previously only Premium Units had this option, but this also meant that you were forced to use this new skill on your Premium Unit even though maybe you wanted to play with the regular skill. Now you can just mix and match.

The new weapons can be purchased with Credits for every Merc as soon as the Merc reaches Tier 5. You can then switch the weapons by clicking on the weapon in the Merc screen.

3) Premium Unit changes

Because the weapons are now available for Credits that means that the Premium Units will also receive a slight change: If you buy a Premium Unit it will automatically give you the new weapon with full proficiency. You don’t have to purchase it beforehand and you don't have to level it up which you would have to do if you buy it with Credits!

4) Daily Missions

Daily Missions (DM) will give you a new task to accomplish every day. And upon successful completion of the task, you will be awarded a random prize! You will get your Daily Mission pop up in the home screen based on a 24h rotation. It will show you the mission rewards, the name of the mission and the mission description as well as the expiring date of the missions and the progress. Daily Missions will automatically be active; you don't have to accept them. If a DM runs out / is replaced while you are still in a running match, the match will count towards the previous daily mission. Also, each player will get an individual mission, which means that while player 1 will have DM #1, it could very well be that player 2 will have DM #8 active.

5) Skins

The new Desert Skins are waiting for you to try them on! You can now further customize your Mercs with the help of the new Desert skins that are available in the shop! It doesn't matter if you have a regular Merc or a Premium Unit, you can just switch between the skins as you like before the match!


Maintenance – January, 8th 2014, starting at 0800 CET (UTC+1)

Attention Mercs,

We will have a maintenance tomorrow morning on Wednesday 8th starting at 0800 CET (UTC+1) to add something new.

Your Merc Elite Team


Happy Holidays

The Bigpoint community and moderatior team wishes you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!



Merc Elite Spotlight - The Team! on Youtube

Attention Mercs,

Now that you know the Mercs, it is time that you get to know the people behind the game! Have a look:

Please also check our other cool MercElite videos in the Media Library

Your Merc Elite team.


Preview Release 012.1

Attention Mercs,

To keep you up to date, here is a little preview about our upcoming Release 12.1. Besides the usual amount of fixes and improvements, there are some more items on the list that might be interesting for you.

Let’s see … Yeah, we are working on getting Smartcast in the game and it looks pretty good so far. Smartcast means that you will automatically cast the skill that you activate at the position of your mouse cursor. The prime example is the Tactician who can now drop his shield on his teammates a bit quicker and safe lives more efficiently by just hovering over another player and pressing the button – without another click!

What else is there … Oh, Daily Missions. Every day a new Daily Mission will be randomly assigned to you – you can either complete this mission and receive the rewards or you can just wait until you get your next Daily Mission assigned in case you don’t like your current one.

And what is that … I can barely read that … looks like … Switchable … hm, I can’t quite make out the second word. Well, you will be able to switch “something” … I guess we will have to wait what this might be, so stay tuned for more information

Your Merc Elite team.

Attenzione, soldato! Hai quello che serve per guidare una squadra di esperti mercenari in un acceso combattimento a squadre?

Merc Elite è un MOBA di guerra moderna che richiede tutta l’astuzia tattica e il coraggio che hai per uscire vittorioso. Questo sparatutto online unisce armi high-tech e guerra moderna in un gioco cooperativo a squadre.

In questo gioco di guerra ambientato in un futuro molto vicino, assumerai le vesti di un ex militare mercenario e dovrai guidare il combattimento a squadre contro un gruppo di nemici determinati ad annientare te e le tue truppe.

L’azione è sfrenata nello sparatutto online Merc Elite! Saprai sopravvivere a questo intenso gioco cooperativo online pieno di combattimenti a squadre e guerra moderna? Il MOBA di guerra Merc Elite ti permette di scegliere tra 5 diverse classi di personaggi per raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi: gli Juggernaut usano armature quasi indistruttibili per affrontare combattimenti corpo a corpo, proteggendo i compagni di squadra dall’urto dell’attacco nemico con scudi high-tech; la classe Assault brandisce una serie di armi distruttive per colpire su vasta scala; la classe Recon preferisce sconfiggere l’avversario con rapidità e arguzia; gli Heavy Gunner si posizionano a distanza per fare sbarramento e colpire il nemico da lontano; i Tactician controllano invece i movimenti del nemico, sferrando armi e scudi high-tech o facendo partire incursioni aeree per aiutarti a raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi.

Completa le tue missioni in questo gioco cooperativo di guerra moderna e conquista con la tua squadra di mercenari d’elite il bottino di guerra dello sparatutto online Merc Elite! Scopri questo MOBA gratuito e guida la tua squadra in una lotta all’ultimo sangue per guadagnare premi e medaglie. Unisci le forze con gli altri giocatori per sfoderare la tua potenza da mercenario addestrato nel combattimento a squadre e nella guerra moderna! Perdere non è un’alternativa in Merc Elite!

Cos’è Merc Elite?

Merc Elite è uno sparatutto online ambientato in un futuro prossimo che combina la guerra moderna al combattimento a squadre in un’esperienza MOBA unica. Lo sparatutto online Merc Elite ti porta in un’era di guerriglia, dove i mega-conglomerati di aziende pagano i mercenari per combattere. Un sistema unico di combattimento a fuoco diretto basato sull’uso realistico dello sbarramento regalerà una nuova esperienza di gioco cooperativo anche ai giocatori di MOBA più esperti. Campi di battaglia elaborati e differenti offrono una moltitudine di opzioni tattiche per intensità, tensione e ritmi forsennati nei combattimenti a squadre con dieci giocatori. Mettiti alla guida dei tuoi guerrieri in questo sparatutto online di guerra moderna, sblocca armi avanzate, abilità nuove e mercenari potenti, e fanne i migliori combattenti al mondo.

Merc Elite è perfetto per i giocatori MOBA stanchi delle solite ambientazioni fantasy e per gli appassionati di sparatutto alla ricerca di un gioco nuovo, unico nel suo genere. Merc Elite è un gioco gratuito di combattimento a squadre, che punta alla correttezza e alle abilità in arena.

Metti alla prova la tua furia di mercenario! Merc Elite – preparati a sparare!