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Merc Elite is going offline!

Calling all Merc Elite players,

After careful evaluation of Merc Elite in the last year, we have ultimately decided to shut down Merc Elite and focus on a new MOBA that we have been hard at work developing.

Throughout the process we learned a lot from developing the game, putting it into Open Beta and from all of your valuable feedback that we’ve received.

We thank you for your countless hours of dedication whether you were playing the game, reporting bugs or posting on our forums.

We hope you will continue with us on this next journey into a new and evolved MOBA that we are making, developed along with the feedback we received from you.

Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about your dedication!

We are happy to say that all players that have participated into Merc Elite will get an EXCLUSIVE skin in our new MOBA, only available to you and to distinguish you as a special Beta player of Merc Elite.

Stay tuned for more details on our new and upcoming MOBA – we’ll be sure you’ll be the first to know about our developments!

The Merc Elite Team

Merc Elite Shutdown FAQ

How long will the game remain open?

We will shut down the game on Thursday, August 21st at 2pm CEST (UCT+2) as well as the forums and any other Merc Elite related website. Unfortunately, there won’t be any further access to the live servers afterwards.

Can people still sign up to play?

Players will be able to play the Beta version of the game until the servers will be shut down at the above mentioned time.

What will happen with my old account?

Since we’re developing a completely new MOBA game, all accounts created in Merc Elite will not be functional for the new game, however, every Merc Elite player will be entitled to an exclusive skin for the new MOBA if you so choose. Please visit after shutdown on August 21st to receive a skin voucher code.

As a player who has spent money on the game: will I get a refund?

Yes! All players who have spent money on Merc Elite will receive a refund. We'll reimburse all transactions made on Merc Elite with voucher codes which can be redeemed against game currency in all Bigpoint games as well as in our upcoming MOBA game. Those voucher codes are valid until February 28th 2015.

How can I get my voucher code?

In order to receive your voucher code, please contact our customer support via, log in and submit your refund request – please make sure that your e-mail address is up to date. As soon as customer support has verified your Merc Elite account, you'll receive an answer containing the voucher code.

I was participating in the Merc Elite beta – will I receive any goodies at the new MOBA game?

Yes! All players who were a part of the Merc Elite beta will receive an exclusive Beta skin for our upcoming MOBA game. Simply visit after the shutdown on August 21st and receive a skin voucher code.


Join the Merc Elite Team now!

Join the Merc Elite Team

Attention Mercs,

Join the Merc Elite team – not just as a gamer but rather as a real soldier-in-arms. Merc Elite grows every day and along with it, so does the community. That’s why we’re looking for new highly motivated individuals to support the community.

Apply now: We need Chat moderators.

Your profile:
- You are at least 18 years old
- You have experience with Merc Elite, you play on a regular basis and know the game like the back of your hand
- You can provide tips to other players about the game and you like to lend a helping hand
- You like playing the role of moderator and are diplomatic and fair
- You are an expert when it comes to game communication systems such as the Chat, Skype, Teamspeak, etc. and are active in the Forum yourself
- You’re online at least once a day
- You are fluent in both written and spoken English
- You are responsible, professional and are resilient to critique
- You are a team-oriented individual who puts an emphasis on loyalty and exercises complete discretion

Past experience as a moderator in other forums or chats is an added bonus, but is not a requirement. We are a friendly and well-organised team which greets newcomers with open arms. Whether you'd like to work in the Forum or the Chat is up to you! Here's a small run-down of the duties that await you:

Your responsibilities as a Forum moderator:
- You enforce the Forum rules
- You read almost all messages
- You're the external representative for the team
- You provide the users with help and advice in the Forum
- You play an active part in developing new ideas for Merc Elite
- You moderate the Forum to the best of your ability and knowledge
- If necessary, you also reprimand and/or warn users

Your responsibilities as a Chat moderator:
- You enforce the Chat rules
- You read what is written in the Chat
- You are the external representative for the team
- You provide help in the Chat or refer users to the Forum
- You play an active part in developing new ideas for Merc Elite
- You moderate the Chat to the best of your ability and knowledge
- If necessary, you also reprimand and/or warn users

How can you apply?
A high level of activity in the game and an extraordinary amount of Chat/Forum entries by you are of course the best way to apply. But in order for us to get a better picture of you, we'd be more than happy to receive a short resume from you by e-mail including the following information:

Please be sure to include all requested information.
- What is your proper name?
- What is/are your nickname(s) in the game?
- What is your User ID(s) and server(s) you play on?
- What is your Forum name?
- How old are you?
- Where are you from (country/address)?
- In general, what times are you usually online?
- What exactly is your motivation to become a moderator?
- In a short text, describe yourself (Content: everything that you can tell us about yourself so that we can form an image of your character).
- Your knowledge of the Terms of Service.

So, did we spark your interest?

Then apply now:
To apply just download the attached document, fill it out and send an email with the document attached to this address:

> modapplication.en.mercelite [at] Bigpoint . com <

The application process is not a short process and may take up to two weeks to complete the process. Your accounts are examined, support history is checked, as well as a few other key bits of information.

Your application and content is confidential. Do not make any post or public announcement regarding your application, should you do so your application will be rejected. You will take an oath and sign a confidentiality agreement.

We look forward to receiving your application and hope you continue to have fun playing Merc Elite.

If you have already applied be sure to check you email for a response from the team. If it's not in your inbox check your spam folder.

Kind regards,

Your Merc Elite Team


Maintenance - July 24th, 2014 - starting at 0800 CEST

Attention Mercs!

We’ll have a short maintenance tomorrow morning from 0800 CEST till 1000 CEST.
This maintenance will fix the connection issues.

Kind regards,
Your Merc Elite Team


Maintenance – July 17th, 2014 - starting at 0830 CEST

Attention Mercs,

We will have a short maintenance tomorrow morning on July 17th, 2014 from 0830 – 1030 CEST.

Your Merc Elite Team


Release 017 – Client/Server rework!

Attention Mercs,

We will sync Release 017 tomorrow, Tuesday 15th, 0800 CEST. With this release we will deploy quite a few bug fixes but more importantly we will introduce a completely new client-server communication. As many of you have probably unfortunately experienced performance issues, lag and maybe even disconnects. We reworked the way that the Merc Elite client “talks” to the server to improve reliability and slim down the data that is actually sent.

With that being said, please keep an eye on the performance or any errors and exceptions that could pop up! In case that you see critical errors or anything similar, please report these issues either via forum or support ticket! In basically every case we also will need a screenshot of the error message, a description of what you did when it happened and the logfiles. If you are playing the client version you will find the logfiles that we need here [default settings]:

For the Game:
c:\Program Files (x86)\Merc Elite\packages\MercElite_Data\output_log.txt

For the Launcher:
c:\Program Files (x86)\Merc Elite\MercEliteLauncher_Data\output_log.txt

With your help we can start fixing these issues as soon as possible and make the game even smoother.

Please feel free to leave some feedback about this new Release >>click here<<

Your Merc Elite team.


Big Point GameCards discount at Target (US Players)

Attention Mercs,

From the 6th till the 19th of July; Target will be offering $25 Bigpoint Gamecards for only $20 (20% discount).

These cards can only be redeemed in US Payment Shops.

So get on down there and get yourself a good deal.

Kind regards,

Your Merc Elite Team


Changes to the General Terms & Conditions Effective as of June 24, 2014

Changes to the General Terms & Conditions Effective as of June 24, 2014

Attention Mercs!

On June 24, 2014, Bigpoint shall make changes to its General Terms & Conditions.

We hereby wish to explain which changes were made and why.

Q: Are all players be affected by the change?

A: The change affects all player accounts registered with Bigpoint Sarl & Co, SCS. Players registered with Bigpoint Inc. are not affected and shall therefore not be asked to accept the new Terms & Conditions.

Q: What changes will be made to the General Terms & Conditions?

A: As you may have already noticed, the so-called EU Directive on Consumer Rights came into force on June 13, 2014. This Directive's purpose is to harmonize consumer rights within the European Union, especially within online shopping.

An example: Should you as a citizen of the EU buy items online from another EU country, you must no longer worry about whether or not the same cancellation policy exists in the other country as in yours. Starting as of June 13, 2014, the right to cancellation shall be the same across all European Union countries.

Q: Must I re-accept the General Terms & Conditions?

A: Yes, since we too had to adapt the provisions to our cancellation policy. The new Terms & Conditions take effect as of June 24, 2014. We are therefore obligated to ask you to explicitly accept the updated General Terms & Conditions.

For this reason, starting on June 24, 2014, you will be shown a pop-up window with the General Terms & Conditions and you must accept them before being able to continue playing.

Q: What happens if I do not accept the General Terms & Conditions?

A: When these General Terms and Conditions take effect, you can of course decide not to accept them. This however shall mean that you will not be able to continue playing the game. Should you wish to take formal action against this, you must do so in writing and you must send your writing in the mail to our office in Luxembourg. The address can be found at the end of the General Terms & Conditions as well as on our company website.

Kind Regards,

Your Merc Elite Team


Merc Elite – The next weeks!

Attention Mercs,

Don’t fret – we are still with you and are still working on Merc Elite! The reason for the absence of new Mercs, maps and missions is that we are working on a few major features that will not only improve Merc Elite but bring it to a whole new level! But for this to be successful we unfortunately have to work basically on everything at the same time.

That means that we have to work on the code as well as on the Mercs as well as on the maps as well as on the balancing as well as on the controls to make everything behave in-sync and not blow up as soon as it goes live. Our next bigger update is rather an upgrade, as it will address the performance in terms of delay and connectivity and will pave the way for being able to reconnect to a running match. The reconnect feature will take a little longer to be implemented though.

We also apologize for the lack of information in the past weeks and will make it up to you in the coming weeks and month and bring you closer to how we develop Merc Elite and also explain why it took us so long!


Your Merc Elite team.


Ultimate Gamecards (US Players-only)

Attention Mercs,

We're writing to inform you that Ultimate GameCards will no longer be redeemable in your Payment Shop from the end of July: this is due to VISA discontinuing the service. You can find out more information here:

As a replacement for this you will soon be able to purchase the BigPoint Gamecard in stores such as Target. Please see the attached image so you can see what these will look like.

All the best

Your Merc Elite Team

View attachment 884


Merc Elite server connectivity issues

Attention Mercs,

We are having some trouble with our servers at the moment. That can lead to connectivity issues. We are working on a solution for that, so you can connect normally again.


Your Merc Elite team.


Sweepstake #4 on Facebook now until Monday, 26th!

Attention Mercs,

We have just activated the next Sweepstake on Facebook! Just head over there, enter your UserID in the appropriate field and maybe you win 1500 Gold just like that! And don’t forget to share the Sweepstake.

Your Merc Elite team.


Maintenance – May, 14thst 2014, starting at 0800 CEST

Attention Mercs,

We will have a short maintenance tomorrow morning on May, 14thst 2014, starting at 0800 CEST to deploy several bug fixes and make the servers more stable.

Your Merc Elite Team


Sweepstake #3 on Facebook now until Friday!

Attention Mercs,

We have just activated the next Sweepstake on Facebook! Just head over there, enter your UserID in the appropriate field and maybe you win 1500 Gold just like that! And don’t forget to share the Sweepstake.

Your Merc Elite team.


Sweepstake #2 on Facebook now until Friday!

Attention Mercs,

We have just activated the next Sweepstake on Facebook! Just head over there, enter your UserID in the appropriate field and maybe you win one month of Premium just like that! And don’t forget to share the Sweepstake.

Your Merc Elite team.


Maintenance – April, 10thst 2014, starting at 0800 CEST

Attention Mercs,

We will have a short maintenance tomorrow morning on April, 10thst 2014, starting at 0800 CEST until approximately 0930 CEST to deploy several bug fixes.

Amongst them are

· Settings will be saved upon hitting the apply button. Also: the apply button is available again.

· New dialogs that pop up while you are chatting won’t accidentally lock the chat window.

· Full screen shortcut key under Firefox works. You can now use the shortcut key in Firefox and enjoy Merc Elite in full screen again.

· You can now use mouse scrolling for smart inventories now again.

Fixed weapon details being cut off


· Fixed various text elements running out of space.

Your Merc Elite Team


Sweepstake on Facebook today until Friday!

Attention Mercs,

As thanks for over 5000 Fans on Facebook, we will launch our first Sweepstake on Facebook. Just head over there, enter your UserID in the appropriate field and maybe you win one month of Premium just like that! And don’t forget to share the Sweepstake.

Your Merc Elite team.


Poll on Spawn Point Mode

Attention Mercs,

We want to know from you which spawn point mode you prefer, you can vote here:

The poll is open for 9 days.

The Assault class will also get the unique Beta Skin. The skin will be awarded to all Beta participants once the beta is over.

Your Merc Elite Team


Maintenance – March, 13th 2014, starting at 0800 CET (UTC+1)

Attention Mercs,

We will have a maintenance tomorrow morning on March, 13th 2014, starting at 0800 CET (UTC+1) where we will fix the issues with the missing rewards for the missions.

Your Merc Elite Team


Beta Skin Poll

Attention Mercs,

We plan to add a special 'Beta Skin' for one class at the end of the Beta and you can decide which class should get the extra Skin. There's a poll open for the next 7 days and you can vote here:

Your Merc Elite Team


Release 014 - The Outback Release

Attention Mercs,
We have just deployed Release 014 - The Outback Release. And the most important thing to mention here are - of course - the new map OUTBACK! But that is not all! We have deployed a whole bag of goodies with this release! So let's get into more detail:

New Map: Outback
From the inner city through the arctic cold, we now arrive in the desert. It is up to you and your team to win the battle on our new map OUTBACK. The new map is designed to have fast flowing action, with a lot of tight spaces, little nooks and crannies for ambushes but still enough ground to cover to allow for chases! What is different from the other maps, is the decrease of respawn points. There are only your starting positions that will let you respawn!

New Cover Handling for Bots
We improved the way that the bots behave during the search for and the use of cover depending on the difficulty level you have chosen to play. We have also set them up to better work with everything that has yet to come.

New Shop
You need the shop to hire new Mercs, stock up on consumables and a lot more. To do this properly we cleaned up and rearranged the shop to make it easier to use and nicer to look at. That way you will always be informed about new sales and have better access to everything that you might need.

Fixes & Improvements
- Rebalanced the difficulty of the bots in the entry matches to give new players a better experience
- 30+ Translation errors fixed / translations improved.
- 20+ visual effects fixed / improved
- Several problems with missions fixed

- And something else is there as well … but it is still inactive, waiting, to be released …

That’s it for now,
Your Merc Elite team.

Attenzione, soldato! Hai quello che serve per guidare una squadra di esperti mercenari in un acceso combattimento a squadre?

Merc Elite è un MOBA di guerra moderna che richiede tutta l’astuzia tattica e il coraggio che hai per uscire vittorioso. Questo sparatutto online unisce armi high-tech e guerra moderna in un gioco cooperativo a squadre.

In questo gioco di guerra ambientato in un futuro molto vicino, assumerai le vesti di un ex militare mercenario e dovrai guidare il combattimento a squadre contro un gruppo di nemici determinati ad annientare te e le tue truppe.

L’azione è sfrenata nello sparatutto online Merc Elite! Saprai sopravvivere a questo intenso gioco cooperativo online pieno di combattimenti a squadre e guerra moderna? Il MOBA di guerra Merc Elite ti permette di scegliere tra 5 diverse classi di personaggi per raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi: gli Juggernaut usano armature quasi indistruttibili per affrontare combattimenti corpo a corpo, proteggendo i compagni di squadra dall’urto dell’attacco nemico con scudi high-tech; la classe Assault brandisce una serie di armi distruttive per colpire su vasta scala; la classe Recon preferisce sconfiggere l’avversario con rapidità e arguzia; gli Heavy Gunner si posizionano a distanza per fare sbarramento e colpire il nemico da lontano; i Tactician controllano invece i movimenti del nemico, sferrando armi e scudi high-tech o facendo partire incursioni aeree per aiutarti a raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi.

Completa le tue missioni in questo gioco cooperativo di guerra moderna e conquista con la tua squadra di mercenari d’elite il bottino di guerra dello sparatutto online Merc Elite! Scopri questo MOBA gratuito e guida la tua squadra in una lotta all’ultimo sangue per guadagnare premi e medaglie. Unisci le forze con gli altri giocatori per sfoderare la tua potenza da mercenario addestrato nel combattimento a squadre e nella guerra moderna! Perdere non è un’alternativa in Merc Elite!

Cos’è Merc Elite?

Merc Elite è uno sparatutto online ambientato in un futuro prossimo che combina la guerra moderna al combattimento a squadre in un’esperienza MOBA unica. Lo sparatutto online Merc Elite ti porta in un’era di guerriglia, dove i mega-conglomerati di aziende pagano i mercenari per combattere. Un sistema unico di combattimento a fuoco diretto basato sull’uso realistico dello sbarramento regalerà una nuova esperienza di gioco cooperativo anche ai giocatori di MOBA più esperti. Campi di battaglia elaborati e differenti offrono una moltitudine di opzioni tattiche per intensità, tensione e ritmi forsennati nei combattimenti a squadre con dieci giocatori. Mettiti alla guida dei tuoi guerrieri in questo sparatutto online di guerra moderna, sblocca armi avanzate, abilità nuove e mercenari potenti, e fanne i migliori combattenti al mondo.

Merc Elite è perfetto per i giocatori MOBA stanchi delle solite ambientazioni fantasy e per gli appassionati di sparatutto alla ricerca di un gioco nuovo, unico nel suo genere. Merc Elite è un gioco gratuito di combattimento a squadre, che punta alla correttezza e alle abilità in arena.

Metti alla prova la tua furia di mercenario! Merc Elite – preparati a sparare!